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Splash of Color: Blue, Bold, & Beautiful.

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

When we were asked to transform a friend's kitchen, it was like giving cake to a baby! Okay, maybe not... but kinda! We were definitely excited about this 90's kitchen taking on a new classic look.

Kitchen before remodel
BEFORE: Look at the potential in this massive space!

What I love most about this project, is that it really has good bones. We didn't necessarily need a new layout, or to have Cory go 'hulk' on us during demo. The blueprint we had to work with was going to give us more opportunity to add features and accents within the budget. And potentially spread that budget into other areas of the home. #WinWin

We discussed her vision, which was really quite simple. "I need new floors because this one has a huge tear in it"..."I've always dreamed of having a white kitchen, with white countertops"...and "I like this blue". With a little bit of shopping we were able to pin-point her color scheme and we were off!

It didn't take long for this kitchen to start taking shape! Once the vinyl was gone, and the cabinet doors/drawers had been removed, we were able to see just how big of a transformation this would be - without having to really do too much. With the concern of water damage and kids (3 fun, energetic kids!), our client decided on a vinyl plank option. And we love it! Easy to install, and super durable. The cabinets themselves were in good shape, so we sanded/painted the frames, and added wood planks (#shiplap, #fakeshiplap), to the existing island and ends of the cabinets.

Wrapping cabinets with wood planks

This family is not afraid of color! There was an existing blue paint in the kitchen, and sweet sign left by the previous home-owner which actually meant a lot to this family. We used it as the inspiration for the space. Farmhouse meets coastal.

I LOVE a good, over sized island. It's an inviting area for guests to gather around and have conversation while I try (key-word = TRY) to cook dinner. Plus, during the week after getting home from a long days work it's a good catch-all for our stuff. Am I right?! This particular island seemed small for the space so we upped its square footage with a beautiful butcher block slab and table legs - cuz, why not?

After adding the new white quartz countertops (with a hint of sparkle!), and the new butcher block to the island, we could hardly contain our excitement for the blue backsplash that was to come! Once those countertops were in, things started getting exciting! [bottom right two pics - yes, I'm a #magnoliamarket #fixerupper fan-girl and proud of it! Who isn't?!]

That's when we stumbled upon the most sweetest, cutest vintage door that was going to make this kitchen go from "oh that's pretty" to "All the heart-eyes"! Not only did this door add the farmhouse character we were looking for, but it added functionality as well. We could NOT WAIT to get it installed. What do you think??

Functional & beautiful blue vintage door!

We weren't done there! We installed new cabinet doors and drawers - goodbye 90's! - and added some slick nickel hardware for the pulls. Then we headed into the laundry/pantry room to add some needed storage and work-space that tied these two rooms together nicely.

Find your inspiration!

And with that, add some greenery and some custom pieces and this kitchen & laundry remodel is complete! We LOVED doing this project. What a joy and blessing to be a part of making this house a home for such a special family. We can only imagine the gatherings that will happen in this place! #harvesthomesremodel #harvesthomesdesign

We're looking for our next family to help turn their dreams into a reality! Please fill out a contact form and we'll schedule a time to meet. As always your referral is our greatest compliment - we are overwhelmed by your support and response! <3 -- The Daker's

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