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That DIY Life.

We have the world at our finger-tips! My 2 year old even knows how to get into mommy's iphone to take pictures and watch her favorite show. Yikes! While technology keeps us informed, actually implementing what we've found on Pinterest or YouTube are two totally different things. Now - we here at Harvest Homes love a good DIY project... but here are some things to keep in mind for your next project:

We thought an article we found did a nice job of going through these 10 projects areas... The below points have been taken and rewritten from this article: (Full article)

1. Painting a Room Painting isn’t just a troublesome project—homeowners across the age spectrum can get themselves into trouble by just buying a bucket of paint and a brush and thinking they’re all set to redo a wall. With preparation being one of the most important parts of making a painting project an invigorating reimagining of a space and not a living nightmare, it's important to know why certain preparations are needed and how products can be used properly.

2. Installing a Faucet Whether it’s in the kitchen or bathroom, sink hardware is often one of the first things a new homeowner wants to change. It might be something they can do to make a personal stamp on their new home, but it can also be a simple project someone isn’t going to be fully prepared for. Be sure to take proper measurements to make sure a new faucet will fit the hole from the previous one. The customer should also be made aware of how to seal a new faucet with silicone sealant.

3. Updating an Entryway This is another project that falls under a new homeowner making a change to a house to suit their tastes. A front door and overall entryway is often the first impression visitors get of a home, so homeowners want to make it look its best. Be sure to select the proper door size and weight for a well-trafficked area is key, keeping in mind both style and security. If you're looking to repaint a door, research how to properly treat the surface for your paint of choice as well as how to handle door and lock hardware when painting.

4. Installing an Electrical Outlet Anything involving electricity is going to be daunting for someone who is unfamiliar with home projects. Yet, with more gadgets and gizmos coming into our homes every day, the need for more outlets is only going to increase. We can not urge proper safety precautions enough when handling electrical projects! You'll want to know how to handle not just the electrical hookup but also the process of making an opening in a wall that won’t look like it was made with a chainsaw.

5. Starting a Garden Younger generations are embracing the DIY lifestyle, but any first-time green thumb knows that there is plenty more to growing plants and flowers than sticking some seeds in the dirt and calling it a day. Lawn and garden-heavy retailers already have tons of knowledge about what types of plants can be successful in your area, so find a local nursery and take the day to familiarize yourself with what will work best in your garden. It'll save you both time and money!

6. Distressing Furniture Milk paint, and the time-worn look it can give cabinets, shelves and other wood furniture pieces, is trending. There is a diverse range of products designed to help customers get the same appearance they have seen on home improvement TV, but that diversity can also give a new remodeler pause when seeking the right one. Do your research. HARVEST HOMES Insight: We've found that the longevity of your cabinet project isn't always necessarily about the paint, but the prep work and patience in waiting the paint dry before applying the next coat.

7. Installing New Flooring The introduction of inexpensive flooring options like faux wood planks and tiles has taken a project that would normally involve a professional and placed it in the hands of the DIY crowd. You can save a lot of frustration by knowing how to properly cut tiles and how to estimate the many tiles you will need to cover the whole room. No one likes having to run back to the store after they’ve started a project.

8. Updating Lighting Fixtures Few things can make a home look more dated than old light fixtures. With styles from modern and sleek to farmhouse chic, light fixtures can reshape a kitchen or bathroom quickly and inexpensively. Thus, you can brighten up your starter home with the right selection and installation for pendant lights or chandeliers. Remember to take proper safety precautions and make sure you have the right tools, bulbs and electrical knowledge before diving into your light project.

9. Installing Smart Home Products Yeah, a young customer is supposed to have this covered, right? Well, someone who grew up around technology might know how to set up a Wi-Fi connection better than most retailers, but that smart thermostat or connected electrical outlet isn’t going to put itself in the wall! Research, research, research so you have your best foot forward for physical installation and knowing the different technical advantages of these products.

10. Staining a Deck Much like other areas of the paint and coatings world, terminology can get tricky that isn’t sure what semi-transparent means. On top of making sure you have the actual product you want, it's important to know about the pitfalls of staining outside. Hot weather, drying times and how much of the stain to apply are all areas where an inexperienced DIY-er can fail if not prepared.

As always - we're here for you! If you have questions or would like to see a blog on a particular process, leave us a comment or shoot us a message. We'd love to hear from you! And if you're not quite ready to take on your next project alone - let's schedule a time to discuss what Harvest Homes could do for you. #harvesthomesremodel #harvesthomesdesign #DIY

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